november 24.

Hi readers, how are you doing? Hopefully everything has been great for all of you.

It’s already end of November and 2018 is just 5 weeks away from us. Dang! Time really flies quick, isn’t it? Can’t wait for January tho ;))



My life, generally, has been quite overwhelming, I guess. I’d sound so ungrateful to complain about petty stuffs that happened as time passes by since Allah has given me so many blessings. This year, there were lots of unforgettable moments where I got plenty of gifts from Him, either spiritually or materialistically. As simple as those blessings seem to be, they mean so much to me that they always remind me that He for sure will lend a hand. He always will.

But now, I certainly could feel that my life is now feels so plateau-ish. It is like slipping into slumps. At this moment I’m writing now, my soul felt uneasy; my day went by so quick that suddenly it’s already 10 pm; and there was no drive to do what I was supposed to do. I listened to music as much as I could do but still the feeling lingers around. I was on the phone most of the time trying to drift the thoughts away from my attention. But it still stood there. Not moving a single inch. It seemed to know that I love turning away from problems.

I knew I could not run away. I had to face it. Be more courageous.

I think many of you had been in this situation, hadn’t you? I often ask myself what could be the reason of this. Could it be the daily caffeine intake? Should I reduce it then? Could be it the fact that I’m on my menses now, hence not being able to pray? Could it be the pressure to prepare myself for the exam?

Or is it just me? Well, finger-pointing at those factors mentioned above does sound useless, don’t they? Sorry, life. I’ll humbly take the blame *slowly points the finger at myself*

My 20 year old back then would hit me in the face for lacking motivation. She’d say you better wake up lah Safiani! Stop expecting that life would bring glory to your doorsteps so easily!

And at times like this, I realized that it’s my call to find some help. I really really love listening to inspiring talks/videos on the internet because for me, that’s the most empowering tool I can easily access. I don’t need to spend much on books when I could get the same message for free on the web. I sorta need something/someone to knock my head hard to get me out of the mess I’m in.


Or maybe all I need right now is a good cold shower. Perhaps that’ll untie all this self-made knots in my head. Hopefully.

I’ll just leave you with this video. Precious message.


To a better life, each day, if not each month, if not each year.



life updates.

Hey there readers.

Might as well give you some latest updates on my (busy) life. Hope this would suffice for this month’s 2nd post.


Passed my Perspex block project yeehuuu and only realized that my high speed handpiece isn’t compatible with the lab one k k k k


Survived the first week’s schedule where my class everyday began at 9:15 am. I literally woke up at the same time everyday haha. Pretty glad that my body adjusted well to this, woww talk about preparing for working days in future. LMAO.


Neutered my cat, Cincan. He was a bit restless after the surgery but after some time, he’s back to normal. My mom calls him ‘pondan’ nowadays. Good news is he doesn’t leave the house as frequently as he did in the past. Yey!


Had 2 days of community project thingy at a primary school in PJ. Never expected it to be a great stress-reliever. Definitely brings me a couple of my glorious primary school memories dang. 9 freaking years have passed..


Totally inspired by Aida Azlin’s videos. I like a video of her talking about worries. Worries suck, don’t they? But they’re pretty useless, tbh. So yeah, leave it to God, guys. He’ll take care of our future.


Since this month is October, I’d like to dedicate Friday, October 6th  as the day of the month. A day full of blessings that I am so so thankful to be living it where I could feel how close God is to me and He for real heard me, inside and outside. Alhamdulillah.


Got to know something really really useful and really attractive. Mainly about part-time jobs which I’m currently researching because I really need to earn some money to fund my life dreams :’) it kind of requires a tough first step to begin so I need to recover my confidence level. Pray for me readers :))))

Hope everyone is having a great month!

getting lost in phnom penh.

-Continuation from the Ho Chi Minh post


As soon as the bus arrived at the Cambodia immigration border, I instantly felt the huge shift of vibes. Cambodia sort of gives me different feels than Vietnam. Well, both are completely different lands albeit the similarities in their people. You might want to check out the history of both countries because conflicts happened between them in the past. Moving on, tarred roads do exist in Cambodia, but most of them are filled with potholes here and there. The housing areas are pretty much scattered and disorganized. And I think it wasn’t a fair first impression of Cambodia since we were only at the countryside. The capital, Phnom Penh is 170 kilometres away from Bovet, the bordering city. I don’t want to expect anything, actually.


the restaurant

After getting our passports stamped, our bus stopped by a restaurant for lunch. It’s a Vietnamese restaurant so as expected, we found them selling phos, banh mi and other Vietnamese dishes. My sister and I didn’t really know what to do because the bus was locked so we opted to take our seats on a bench inside the restaurant. Which means some time to observe the environment there.

The bus driver and his conductor didn’t spend much time munching on their lunch. We spent around 20 minutes at the stop and after everyone got on the bus, our journey to the capital continued. As usual, I slept. Hahaha. It was definitely a bumpy ride but along the journey, we captured a few sceneries of the locals. So yeah.


our first tuk tuk ride. kind driver we got :”)

After 3 hours, finally we arrived! As we got nearer to our destination, the view got better and better. There are more tall buildings and streets filled with tuktuks, cars and motorbikes. We stayed at Onederz Hostel which is just in front of the Tonle Sap river and that was the best decision I’ve ever made, seriously. The staffs are veryyy welcoming and hands down, Asian hospitality is the best of all! I still remember their names – Sukkim and …… The hostel felt so much like home because everyone needs to take off their shoes before entering and the interior is neat and clean. We stayed at the womens’ dormitories and got ourselves the view of Tonle Sap river :DDD


view from the inside of the hostel


view from our room 😀

And that was how I met my Vietnamese friend, Xinh! More on her later.


Basically, Cambodia’s currency is in US Dollars and also Riels which made us struggled on limiting our budgets there. Obviously, we couldn’t escape from converting USD to MYR everytime buying stuff here. Tips 1: Refrain from converting during  travel. Another tips would be Cambodians traditional souvenirs/bags/textiles are wayyyy more beautiful than Vietnam’s idk why…. So now you know where to splurge your money on the next trip to Vietnam/Cambodia. Their silks are soooo tempting to buy but me got no money so byebye silk :”””””(((


chilling around the palace in the afternoon #hotlikehell

The main plan in Phnom Penh is just to chill around the city and not to go so far out of the city. Our budgets were limited and transportations are expensive. Tuktuks can cost around 5-10 USD if you don’t negotiate well and Grab isn’t available there. Sheesh. At times, we went jalan2 by tuktuks and at times, we walked on foot. Geez, walking on foot is healthy but once you got lost, it would be annoying. I remember there was a time where we wanted to have dinner at a halal restaurant which is 3 blocks south from our hostel. We standby some maps for directions but somehow we got lost for 40 minutes ahhahahahaahaa. In the end, it turns out that we were at the right street and after asking the locals around the street, we heard this,

“Halal restaurant? Close! Close!” he giggled while pointing at the next shop. But then I saw on the internet that the restaurant is open until 11:30 pm?? Haih, shouldn’t rely much on Google. No wonder the street was pretty dark at that time. After that, we walked on empty stomachs and headed to the halal restaurant behind our hostel. We’ve eaten there the day before so we thought of trying other halal restaurant. But then, program got cancelled so it was time to head 3 blocks north again :”””””))))


At 10:30 pm, we finally had our dinner in MK Halal restaurant – see on the map how farrrr we walked! Thankfully, the meals were great 😉 And nearby the restaurant, there’s a night market where they sell clothes, accessories and food. We managed to get our tastebuds on the coconut ice-cream and ate it while enjoying the night breeze along the river. Sat on a bench and just enjoyed the last night in Phnom Penh :)) how laidback it was <<333



where we lepak-ed at night

on the next day, we were supposed to board our flight home but……something occurred. Something common but also unexpectedly interesting.


tbc on next post!!

exploring ho chi minh


Having a 2-week break, I wanted my break to be productive and well-planned. It’s a waste to just stay at home doing nothing and just see my holidays pass in a blink of eye. So, I thought, hmm let’s just go somewhere. I decided to travel to 2 countries at once considering that it’d be worth the money and I could try take on some cross-bordering experience. I planned roughly our itinerary and I got my sister, Aiza to be my travel partner for the first time ever. Heh, so it’s just the two of us carrying huge backpacks around the city.


Our flight to Ho Chi Minh was at 9 am and that was the perfect timing ever. After experiencing a 7-am flight in the past, it was a blessing to go for a 9-am flight (and also having a sister who works in the airport hehe). I’ve always hated red-eye flights because I would not be able to sleep the night before. There’s always these what if I woke up late and missed my flight and did I miss anything before zipping my bagpack thoughts before sleeping the night before. And I must say, the worry is usually completely gone after zipping the bag for the final time. No more putting things and searching for this and that; you just want to throw your bags into the car boot and just move to the airport ASAP. Hahaha lol.


And yeah, this was actually my first time flying abroad with Malaysia Airlines. I’ve flied twice with them but only to Langkawi. So far, it has been a nice experience since we were served the nasi lemak onboard yeay!! I was hungry at that time, so I don’t really expect it to be so good since airline food is always meh but I genuinely like it. We arrived earlier than we were scheduled to, but the queues at the immigration were damn long so it didn’t make any difference. I tell you, there were so many people lining up to get their passports stamped and surprisingly, there were no hijabis except us. After clearing immigration and taking our bags, we headed for the bus. Cheap and easy. I actually love taking bus during travelling and I just don’t know why. The experience is just better than taking trains or cars. Most probably because it’s the ideal way to get closer sight to the locals’ daily lives.


post touchdown – enjoying Pepsi we bought from Burger King while waiting for the bus 109 to Ben Thanh

If anyone would ever asked me on how many days should one spent in Ho Chi Minh, I’d just answer it depends. Ho Chi Minh is kinda large city plus you have the historical spots which are quite far from the city. Example is the Cu Chi tunnels. If you truly want a free and easy trip, maybe you could allocate 6 days to entirely cover the city, historical places and the floating market in Mekong River. Or you could take any daytrips to several places like the famous sand dunes idk. Just, don’t rush when it comes to planning because trust me, it’d make things more tiring than ever. Take things one at a time and if it rains, then just chill and enjoy the awesome coffee there ;))) Remember, travelling is all about relaxing and enjoying, not rushing from one place to another.


On our way to the Airbnb, we got a bit lost. Vietnamese language may seem easy to be understood since it’s way different than Thai, but sometimes it can be confusing as hell. Asking locals for directions could be frustrating because some would reject you even before looking at the address. In the end, we bought a local SIM and found the direction to our homestay. And after arriving at our Airbnb, I was quite impressed with my surrounding. No luxurious hotels whatsoever. So ‘local’! It is located around the locals’ neighbourhood where there are plenty of restaurants nearby and small grocery shops. And it was a usual thing listening to neighbors downstairs having their karaoke sessions and hearing some prayers from the monks in front at night. What better surrounding can I get than this? #grateful


Where we practically lived for 2 nights…interesting.

My sister and I also got on some thrilling crossing-the-road experience. Hahaha it was fun and risky! Besides adjusting to the different sides of driving here (theirs are like the Americans) so yeah we should look to the right first then left before crossing the road lol. Here’s what I learnt – just look forward and be confident when crossing. The road users are professional peeps, they will avoid you. It’s also an incredible sight to see everyone wearing helmets here, and do you know there are approximately 2 million motorcycles users in HCM? Traffic lights are pretty useless but I’m amazed that people can maneuver their vehicle brilliantly without getting hit here and there.


busy road, all day, every day…

Of course, we visited the city attractions like the post office, cathedral, Ben Thanh market, the opera house and the famous walking street. We had fun as others tourists did and we walked like a lot. Online maps can be quite deceiving because the place we’re heading to seems near but damn, it’s not. Not to forget the rainy season, at one time we had to put on our ponchos looking all cool but deep inside, we were sweating like crazy! Uber and Grab are available everywhere but we opted to walk because of our tight budget. Hahaha what an experience though travelling during rainy season…

I’ll just include some photos of the city to end this post!


Saigon Opera House in the afternoon. So beautiful!


The same Saigon Opera House but at night! And at the right you can see the statue of Ho Chi Minh :’)


mask checked. helmet checked. 


hiiiiii theree lolol


me and my sister, Aiza enjoying our sundae cones after a long day


Saving Cambodia for the next post!! tbc.


twit twit

back then in 2011. Font size are better though..

If anyone would ask me on which social media would I prefer, I’d definitely answer Twitter. Twitter then only Youtube. Period. Most of my online hours are spent there and my account practically is now almost 7 years old. I think I had a really happy time on Twitter, no dramas whatsoever – got replies from Tosh Zhang, Liah Yoo, my Indonesian Twitter crush and many more. I don’t really mind about the number of followers as long as they genuinely follow me for who I am (ceh). True though, let’s not aim for online fame (I realized that I’m not fated for fame  it’s true). My tweets are over 10k (idk wth I wrote all these years) and I have to admit that many things have changed on Twitter, both apps and the users too. I miss how the timeline seemed to be couple of years back and Malaysian users in 2011-2013 were way different compared to now. Nowadays, there are so many irrelevant opinions and people can be so silly to fight over whose opinions are better. Lol guys, chill.

my first tweet lolol


There are so so many tweets nowadays that always got me shaking my head. It’s so easy to be hating that person through his/her tweets although he or she lives in the other part of the world. Worse, when his/her opinions contradict ours. I always caught myself judging people so many times from my small screen like “he has no right to say anything over matter A” or “she talks like she knows everything.” SORRY KIDDO.

These kinds of thoughts are very unhealthy, toxic and discouraging. From these small thoughts in our minds, it could go down to our fingertips. We then would be typing unconstructive comments or in simpler words, bashing to express our dissatisfaction. What happened to being empathic? Trust me, putting yourselves in others’ shoes doesn’t make you lose a shit. In fact, it would make you hundred times more grateful of your life. Why miss out on being supportive or kind towards each other? Do we really need to be negative all the time? And yeah, if we have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. The world needs more love from all of us, not anger.

p/s: my exams will start next week, would appreciate your prayers for me and my coursemates tq so much!! ❤

p/s/s: just in case, my twithandle is @nrsafiani (kbye haha)


raya 2k17


I know I’m pretty late since it’s almost the third week of Syawal but hey, just want to wish everyone a very SELAMAT HARI RAYA!!!! MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN!! #typicalwish #iknow

So, how did your first few days of Raya went? Mine went pretty well alhamdulillah and I enjoyed every bits of it. As usual, my family went back to Johol the day before Raya itself with all the groceries that my mom was assigned to buy. We arrived at kampung around noon, and yeah I dozed off after arriving until around 4pm haha. Then helped a bit to prepare the dishes for berbuka and boom, it’s already Maghrib! Ramadhan’s finally over (idk whether to be sad or not) and Syawal is now here :0 Time sure flies so damn fast! And I must say, this year’s Raya was quite laidback and everything felt sufficient – the food, the drink, etc. Nothing weird happened, hmmm. Wait there was one but it’s a secret (my family would know thiss).

Since yours truly couldn’t perform the Raya prayers, so she stayed at home, chilling. And yes, did you know we brought Cincan too balik kampung? Surprisingly, my cousins also brought their cats and what a moment to  be remembered. One of it is Juju and the other is a small kitten my cousin found. Sadly, the kitten died on the 2nd day of Raya 😥 Cincan was a lil difficult to adapt into the new environment, since he had to live in a small bedroom throughout his stay in kampung. Of course I wanted to let him out, but then what if he goes missing? And there are several cats around my grandma’s and they are pretty ganas too ok (kucing kampung kot) so it’s safe to avoid them. So my family decided to just let him roam around the room, and occasionally bring him out to be shown to other relatives. He’s not really friendly with strangers, especially with kids whom I observe to be a bit rough handling cats. WHO’S WITH ME??


My family’s theme this year was green (apple kind of green I think? Idk). Months before Ramadhan, we bought the kain songket and sent it to the tailor. We don’t really prefer buying the RTW baju kurung so we always go to our tailor to be made according to our measurements. It turns out really nice and I kinda like the colour combination this year which is green with grey. I wore satin scarf and sigh, wearing a satin was a mess especially on a hectic Raya morning. And lol, we took some time for photoshoots since my sister has a 7+ so why not??? Trust me, if you’re a camera freak and doesn’t like holding heavy DSLRs, 7+ is for you. Amazing quality 😮 #shooketh

Speaking of duit raya, this year’s kutipan was INCREDIBLE!! Hahaha I guess many of my cousins started working already so that’s why students like me are getting extra duit raya. After so long, I’m getting 50++ alhamdulillah 🙂 Can’t wait for my twin sisters to start work next year because that’d mean more $$$ for me for the next Raya 😉


Enough blabbering, I’d like to again wish all of you a Selamat Hari Raya and I apologize for any mistakes I’ve done to you, deliberately or indeliberately. Raya season is one of the seasons that I really anticipate because it’s mainly about connecting our loved ones. You’ll get to visit your relatives, update on each other’s life, eat kuih raya, listen to lagu raya, eat rendang & lemang, see those big fireworks, receive (or give) duit raya, wear new beautiful clothes, happily post your ootds online and not worrying about those judgementals peeps (simply because it’s Hari Raya), going for the Raya prayers and so many other things. So guys, be sure to enjoy your Syawal because Syawal only comes once a year!

Brb, eating my tart nenas ;D