Reading = Recharging

Reading works wonderfully as a way of escaping the hectic life. It’s sort of jumping into a fountain and immersing yourself in the refreshing, crystal clear water. There is so much knowledge to be learned, and so many stories written that perhaps won’t appear into existence if not because of writing. The door to the … More Reading = Recharging

24 hours. 1 journey.

I’ve always wanted to visit my sister who works in Terengganu. She has been working there for almost 2 years and I’ve received countless invites from her to accompany her whenever I’m on holiday. Her invites were often rejected by me because I’d procrastinate during my holidays and my laziness would take over. Hmm, I’m … More 24 hours. 1 journey.

Halfway Through

Hi there readers! Hope all of you are doing well. It’s Malaysia Day today and currently, we Malaysians are on a long weekend for the third time since the end of August. Feels heaven having 4-days of working days ❤ I’ve just finished my internal medicine in Seremban campus which lasted for two weeks. It … More Halfway Through

I Tried Baking!

Among my family members, my sisters, Aida and Hanna are pretty good at baking. They know baking 101 and even had made some money out of baking a few years back. I remember there were times when I helped sell their cupcakes in my college in 2015 and also watched them make a wedding cake. … More I Tried Baking!