fast update

helloooooooo readers ._.

Wow. What a huge jump from August to October. I guess my hands have gotten pretty rusty and it has been a while since I posted anything on this blog. Sorry.

Semester 4 is quite nice, actually. It’s not that busy like how the seniors mentioned but overall, I’m pretty content. Started treating patients in the clinic and it has been an amazing experience. It does take some time to adjust to the working environment in the clinic but thankfully, I have a good partner/assistant. She’s a fun person to work with 🙂

So, I won’t blabber too much since my final exam is just a month & half away. I’ll just include pictures of what my colleagues and I did in September. Hope this will make up for the hiatus XD



Had a community visit to a Chinese school and met these adorable kindergarten kids 💛


With my team & our beloved dental technician, Ms Cindy.


Tower of toothpastes to be given to the kids after they were done with the tooth brushing demo 😆


See how the toilet seat is so small ok that’s so cute ~~~


Wish me luck for my exam!!


gift from a stranger

Hi readers. I just realized that I didn’t post anything last month :0 And almost 2 months have passed since I updated my blog omo :0

Nevertheless, I hope everyone is doing well in their life, be it career, studies, relationship whatsoever. Hope you enjoy my post.



Last Friday was a different day, I can say. My class ended late but we got so many free goodies from Colgate and Listerine who organized some events in my faculty. Everything pretty much ended around 5.30 pm and I had my dinner with my friends in Bukit Jalil that night. That dinner took quite some time that I think we went back to IMU around 9.30 pm. Having already my bags with me, I then walked to the LRT station to go home. It was quite late, but thanks to a couple of friends who accompanied me to the station, my journey was safe. Fast forward the story, I reached TBS around 10 pm and the train was on a serious breakdown which made the waiting time very long.

While waiting, I took a seat on a bench besides a pakcik who looks 60-ish and who seemed to be going for a trip somewhere. His luggage is present and he seemed like a decent man. I was listening to the music at that time so I didn’t really pay much attention to him. I thought, I’m just tired, whatever.

Then, he started to initiate a conversation with me.

You know, conversations with strangers can either be the most annoying thing to happen or the most meaningful conversation that you ever had. Sometimes, I kind of like it because it helps me to sharpen my intuitiveness on the personality of the person who I’m talking to. Basically, I learn how to read people based on their conversation. But sometimes, when my mood is nowhere to be seen, I just put on my bitchy face and then the conversation ended instantly. Haha.

That pakcik looks like a nice person but that doesn’t wash off my suspiciousness. Sorry, I don’t trust strangers easily (who does?) because this world is a messed up place to live in. Lots of crimes happening nowadays all because of these people who love to take advantage of others’ kindness. Therefore, the only way to stay out of this problem is to strike a bitchy face and pretend that you do not exist in that surrounding.

However, sometimes, after having an exhausting day, it’ll be nice to talk to someone. You know, you want to be safe but also be honest with people at the same time. My mind tells me to do the former while my heart tells me the latter. I hated lying about myself but at the same time hesitant to reveal so many things to a stranger who benefits nothing knowing about me. Anyone in the same boat with me?


Since it was a Friday, I decided to just be honest. The conversation is a basic one, like the one you had with a normal pakcik like how old are you/how many siblings do you have/are studying right now/etc. and he then showed me his drawings. He has been touring Malaysia for some time and he spent his time sketching. Trains, railways, boats, islands, historical buildings. You just name it. The drawings are surprisingly beautiful and neat, coming from a pakcik who looks like an old grandfather on a journey to visit his son. I really admired his work and gave him my respect.

The conclusion is you should trust your conscience. If you want to talk to strangers, just do it. You can be honest and also safe at the same time. If you are experienced enough, you’ll know who is genuine and who is not.

And, tadaaaa. He gave me these as a gift. Thank you, pakcik.




WhatsApp Image 2018-08-04 at 9.23.48 PM (1)


first time voting


As everyone would have known, I’m 22 this year which means that I’m eligible to vote in the 14th general election. Wow, now I am actually becoming adults :0

I was pretty excited to vote (first-timer thing haha) because finally, I can exercise my rights as a citizen to choose my desired government. General election is quite an important day for Malaysians because every 5 years, everyone’s opinions and thoughts of the government would be expressed on the ballot papers. Sad truth, that is the only way you can change the government in Malaysia.

busy traffic at 10 am

My voting area was in DUN Mambau and Parlimen Rasah. Meanwhile, my voting centre was in SK Taman Rasah Jaya and it is freaking near to my house, so I thought, meh can go there at 10 am no worries not many people will be there. But, HELL NO. As soon as I arrived in front of the school, the road was super packed and parking was incredibly difficult to find. Well, like everyone did, we parked quite far and braved the scorching heat that morning and walk to our voting centre. It was quite a sunny day.


After getting a white slip that stated my serial number and my saluran number, my sister and I straight away went to find our saluran. Mind you, we both got different saluran therefore we queued at different places. Mine was saluran 13, in which got sooooo many youngsters, most probably those bornt in 90s. When I saw the freaking long queue, I was like shit…this is going to take forever….But I went on and lined up for the sake of my beloved nation and guess how long I queued up?

huge turnouts of voters albeit the voting day was on Wednesday. witnessed an amazing spirit that day.


I started queuing  at 11 am and at 2 pm, finally my turn arrived. It only took only 3 minutes maximum (lol I don’t even know why the line was moving so slow) to complete all those voting process. The first person will check your IC and find your serial number and read out loud your name, then the person beside her will check your fingernails and you need to put your finger in the ink bottle. Last person sitting would give you the ballot papers and here comes the most awaited part – casting the vote.

minutes before casting my vote.

The voting counter for me is quite low so I had to bend down a little bit to pangkah the X.  Menggigil jugak nak pangkah haha. At that time, my physical was quite tired and it took me awhile to make sure that ok, this calon is the one that I want to vote, not this one and even after casting my vote, I triple check whether I voted correctly. Minutes later, I finally walked out of the voting room, feeling proud and relieved at the same time. I finally voted and gave my trust to God. Whatever happens, God shall protect us.

After waiting for my sisters to complete their voting process (they had only short queues fml), we then went to have our overdue lunch at the mall. There were so many people at the mall and I couldn’t help but to secretly judge everyone’s index fingers. HAHAHA. Sorry, peeps. We had our lunch and did some window shopping and headed back home feeling tired but relieved that we managed to vote on time. It was a pity that some voters in other places couldn’t cast their vote by 5 pm because the queue was too long. SPR, you had tonnes of things to improve in future okay?


Like other Malaysians would do, we kept ourselves glued to the television at that night to listen to the full results. Like previous GE, everyone expected BN to win like meh they will win as usual.


Who knew that night would be one of the longest night ever in 2018…….


The whole nation (including me and my family) waited until 4 am for the full results. LIKE WTF IS HAPPENING?????? Lots of press conferences by SPR and finally, the winner emerged.

PH won. And BN lost.



I took some time to fully understand the fact that BN really lost. I mean, they had never lost before in any election and this time, they went down so badly. BN lost so many parliament and state seats, even in places where they had won in GE13. The lost was so shocking that went beyond the public’s predictions.  History was made on that day. The opposition finally tasted the sweet victory after decades of battles. 9 May 2018, you’ll be forever remembered. The day when the whole nation decided to embrace change in our future. Quoting a reporter from Astro Awani, hari raya demokrasi.

p/s: Here’s a link to an interesting article about GE14 for you to read!




Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ (Alcohol Free)

Image result for sunscreen meme

Using sunscreen religiously has got to be the most underrated advice ever in skincare world. When I was young, I always had this perception that I should be using sunscreen on 2 conditions – when I go to the beach and during my school sports day in the field. Prolly because I thought that going to these open places would mean getting the maximum sunlight exposure so I need to use sunscreen.


Guys, here’s one advice for you. Even if you are not following any skincare routine currently, you must wear sunscreen daily. I could not stress this more than ever because sunscreen is not really appreciated here in Malaysia. I don’t know, maybe due to lack of awareness or due to the formulation of the sunscreens here that repel most of us from wearing them. So, in this post, I’d like to introduce my beloved daily sunscreen. Meet Mr. Sunkiller (what a cool name haha!)

Processed with VSCO with  presetProcessed with VSCO with  preset

My awareness in sunscreen started after I went on Youtube and watched some Youtubers telling over and over again that everyone must use sunscreen in their lives. After watching them online, I went to the drugstore and tried to find one that suits my skin. I’ve always been a no-alcohol-in-skincare kinda person because alcohol broke me out really badly 3 years ago. So I mainly searched for sunscreens that contain no traces of alcohol.

Here’s the link to the video in case you want to know more about sunscreens. And also an article on chemical sunscreen vs physical sunscreen.


Some common sunscreen brands in Malaysia would be Banana Boat (sooooooo famous), Biore (famous too), Sunplay, Sunkiller, etc. Let me talk about Sunkiller in particular ok?

Sunkiller is a brand produced by a Japanese company, Isehan Co. that also produces some cosmetics products (eyeliner, mascara, etc.). The company has been in the beauty industry since 1825 (omg) and obviously, they are super experienced in it. Sunscreens are pretty much a staple among Japanese women to prevent further damage to their skin and also for an anti-aging purpose. That’s why if you go to Japan, do not be shocked that their sunscreen shelf in the drugstore is pretty long!



Titanium dioxide is basically responsible for the white cast caused by physical sunscreen.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

Since this is a water-based sunscreen, it seems to have a consistency of a moisturizer that sometimes, I skip my moisturizer and directly apply sunscreen. It has a lime scent and I love it because it sort of gives the refreshing feeling when I apply it. I always use it in AM after moisturizer and re-apply it in the afternoon for maximum protection. It does give you the feeling of having a film of liquid on your face but after few minutes, it absorbs quite well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling tacky.  One of the best features of it is that it doesn’t leave an obvious white cast although it is a physical sunscreen and it doesn’t contain alcohol! My skin is quite sensitive to alcohol, therefore it’s such a blessing to find this sunscreen in Malaysia.

Processed with VSCO with  preset

you can pretty much see how liquidy it is and very easy to apply all over the face


PROS: Has no alcohol, water-based, doesn’t leave a heavy white cast, easy to blend in with your skincare and you can easily get it in Watsons for RM29.

CONS: I wish it came with a bigger tube because it runs out pretty quick for daily use haha!


See you in the next post!


#skincaretalk: The Ordinary Rosehip Oil

Apart from basic cleanser-toner-moisturizer skincare routine, I’ve always believed that our skin needs more & more nourishment. Basic skincare routine can do a decent job too but don’t you think that we need some extras things to boost up our skin? The extra extra things in skincare would be like serums, essences, ampoules, oil cleansers, facial mist, eye cream, oils, overnight masks or even sheet masks.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my holy grail oil of 2017!


Meet ma lady here, The Ordinary Rosehip Seed Oil, 100% Organic Cold-Pressed.

I started using it since May 2017 and I’ve never thought that it’d bring such differences into my skincare routine. Even Gothamista and Liah Yoo are fans of this oil! No wonder it is that good. Whatever products they recommend, I’m just hooked to buy everything. I hardly doubt their recommendations because once they said that it is good, it is really good, guys. 

Speaking about oils, I’m pretty sure that most of us have the common perception that oils would make your skin greasier especially if you fall under the oily skin type. No guys, it’s not true. Nowadays, many skincare companies have come out with a lot of innovative oil formulations  to prove that oils do benefit our skin. We just need to find out which type of oils suit our skin needs and try to incorporate into our routines, consistently.


The Ordinary is actually one of many brands under a company called Deciem which is just a 3 year-old company but it has achieved lots of success and awards! The company’s tagline “The Abnormal Beauty Company” is quite interesting too and it kinda reflects in their skincare lines looking at the packaging and their ingredients lists. So not typical. It’s abnormally interesting and most importantly good for its price! Imagine buying a 30-ml rosehip oil from The Ordinary at $18 versus buying Trilogy’s at $27 for 20-ml.


Rosehip oil is actually extracted from the hip of the plant. In easy terms, hip means the location where the seeds of the rose plant reside. Rosehip oil can be extracted from a variety of roses but for The Ordinary’s it’s from Rosa Canina. Rosehip oil contains a long chain of unsaturated and saturated fatty acids which easily penetrate into our lipid bilayer of our skin. Here are its contents:

  • Linoleic acid > oleic acid. Linoleic acid is pretty good at healing our skin since it has anti-inflammatory properties. And because its concentration is larger than oleic acid, it is classified as a dry oil.
  • Vitamin C for that extra glow.
  • Beta carotene, which is a precursor of Vitamin A and also an antioxidant.
  • Palmitic acid.
  • Stearic acid.



Since it’s a dry oil, my oily skin appreciates it so much! Olive oil, coconut oil, hazelnut oil and camellia seed oil are just too occlusive to be applied on my skin.


I always use this oil every day, AM and PM, after liquid applications (serums, essences, etc) and before moisturizers. In AM, I’ll use only 1 drop which goes a long way actually and in PM, I’ll put 2 drops. The oil has a orange-ish tint and it’s very liquidy, not oily 😀 I’m surprised that it’s not towards the oilier side as I originally thought, but I can definitely feel it’s penetrating my skin layer.

The best part of it is it has ZERO SCENT in it which makes it more refined!! Also alcohol-free, cruelty free, vegan and nut-free.

You can either pat it on your skin or either massage. I’d prefer massaging the oil because massaging does its job too in improving the blood circulation in our face. And sometimes, before applying foundation, I’ll use 2 drops of it for some extra glow in my makeup.

Besides applying the oil on my face, I frequently apply it onto my feet which is a bit flaky and also in my arm folds where sometimes I get scratch marks.


Pros: Scentless, not occlusive and worth the price. 100% organic. 100% cold-pressed meaning all the good things are still retained in it during processing. No animal derivatives. No breakouts. Affordable and for a 30-ml oil, it can last for a year. Great starters for those wanting to step up their skincare routines.

But there’s something about this oil that turns me off……

Its stability. It’s quite unstable which means that it has a short shelf life, probably up to 3-4 months. Usually the colour of the oil tends to be off after some months, from orange to yellow. I’m not sure if anyone else is also experiencing this, but I definitely did. Other options that I’m currently considering beside rosehip is squalane oil. I heard that it’s quite stable and has a shelf life up to 2 years. I’m definitely going to try squalane after this!

Thank you for reading!






#skincaretalk: The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc PCA 1%

Meet one of the most raved products of The Ordinary.



I first discovered this product (and brand too) when I was watching Liah Yoo and Gothamista’s videos on Youtube. They raved about this particular product A LOT and this product is often featured in their videos, even the most recent ones which means that there must be something good in this small lil 30-ml bottle.

I decided to ask my sister who was in Melbourne last year to purchase it. I really anticipated real results from it since at that time, The Ordinary became a huge hit especially with their foundations. And after using it for almost a year, here’s my review on it.


The Ordinary is actually one of many brands under a company called Deciem which is just a 3 year-old company but it has achieved lots of success and awards! The company’s tagline “The Abnormal Beauty Company” is quite interesting too and it kinda reflects in their skincare lines looking at the packaging and their ingredients lists. It retails for  9 pounds in the UK and 9.90 AUD in Australia. Affordable, isn’t it?

[Check out my latest post on Why The Ordinary Rosehip Oil was my 2017’s holy grail]


Before I came across this product, I never knew that such product exists. My knowledge on skincare was pretty shallow and I was brainwashed with the mindset of skincare means chemicals and chemicals mean danger to our skin. I mean, whenever I reflect back, I was quite………a dumb. Thankfully, Youtube saved my life. HAHA.

  • Niacinamide (10%): basically a form of vitamin B3 that helps a lot in reducing hyperpigmentation, fine wrinkles/lines, blemishes and also red blotchiness. Most importantly, it is able to help stabilise the sebum production. The concentration that The Ordinary came up with is quite high at 10% and expect some tingling for first timers. Basically, it is an all-rounder ingredient and is widely used in many skincare products.


  • Zinc PCA (1%): ok hmmm so why does The Ordinary include this ingredient when formulating this product? Basically, zinc PCA is pretty handy as a humectant and also has anti-aging properties.


  • Pentylene glycol, a skin-conditioning solvent.


  • Dimethyl isosorbide, for controlling the viscosity of the formula.


and other ingredients which are mainly for formula conditioning purposes.



The texture is quite tacky and not runny. Some people have claimed that it causes pilling and I did experience the pilling too. But overall, it’s all good. You just need to pat pat on your skin, not spread in order to prevent the pilling from happening.

Apply after toning, before oil and moisturizer.

Not to be applied with vitamin C.


Two words. Game changer. 

It helps me a lot in my breakouts especially my hormonal acnes. I am quite (still) amazed at how it actually works on my skin and thankfully, I had no purging while using it. Of course there were some tingling sensation when I first applied it but over time, the sensation disappeared. I really thank The Ordinary for introducing this product and one of the biggest change that I witness is my oiliness has reduced significantly. Now, I could say that my skin is almost to the normal type and I’m very happy!

It is also odourless and quite affordable. I am very impressed with it and my stock is almost running out and I’m looking forward to my second bottle.


To end this post, I must say that it is definitely worth the hype. Perhaps you could give it a try and later inform me your thoughts on it?



wrapping up year 1

Dear readers,


I successfully survived my Year 1 in dental school! Hehe.

Alhamdulillah that I managed to pass my final exam. I’m so grateful that God eased everything for me. The papers weren’t so difficult but OSPE got me troubled a bit. There was a question where I didn’t even read the relevant topics and I also mislabeled some structures aigoo. I was a bit affected by my mistakes *knocks my head* because I freaking love OSPE because the questions are pretty straightforward. You memorise anatomy, you’ll do great in OSPE. That was my mindset about it but thankfully I passed.


That day when we did some face painting.


Visited Dr. Vincent who’s an alumni of IMU. He is also the director of the clinic and he’s a very nice person! 😀


My first rubber dam. Just had to take this for the sake of memories.


Looking back on my year 1, I’ll just jot down a few memories that I could recall from my first year. What a year!


  • Registration day was awkward. My first few friends were Shaza, Audrey, Victor, Kat and few others that I couldn’t remember. Skipped orientation week (HAHAHAHHA) and yeah, that was it. I skipped a lot of other meetings too.
  • Was 1-hour late for my MPU exam in sem 1 because my train broke down. That was one of the nerve-wrecking moments I’ve ever had but I wasn’t sure how I could remain calm at that time. What a test from God but thankfully I managed to sit for the exam and passed! Phew. What a moment to live in.
  • Met a super cool doctor who tutored my group during a clinical session. He is sooo cool, I don’t know how to describe him in words. Just cool.
  • Didn’t join Dental Cup lolol. Let’s see how it goes for this year’s HAHAHA.
  • Dental subjects are quite interesting but I have yet to decide which subject interests me the most hmmmm.
  • Mastered the art of commuting, from memorizing the trains’ timetables to running as fast as I could within 30 seconds.
  • Had some fun time with my friends going to the community service. It actually feels nice to mingle around with people from different backgrounds. It is a blessing indeed 🙂
  • Sem 2 was okay, but things escalated pretty quick that I got a bit clueless.
  • Had a crush on Year 3 senior HAHAHAHAHA I’ll just call him Harry Potter for future references LOL


Overall, I got a lot of things to be improved and I seriously need to figure out the best way of learning for Year 2 because there’s so much to remember nowadays T_________T


Here’s to a better year, in and out.

5 seconds, daily.

Everyday commutes can be quite ……..tiring. I grew bored of it that I could even walk to university with my eyes closed. HAHA.

But over time, I realized that it isn’t a bad thing actually. Of course, I met the same faces every morning and they also must somehow recognized mine. On the other side, I find it pretty cool that I do get to know them indirectly, albeit for 5 seconds. And that’s just from observing, not talking. Questions like “why is he here everyday?” , “is she feeling well today?” always appear whenever I bump into them although I often felt sleepy after train rides. The thoughts seem so insignificant because they pretty much lasted for 5 seconds, but imagine having them every day. Habits.

So yeah, to end my 2017, here’s a story for you.

x x

Does this view seem familiar to you?

Several elders sitting on walkway, and you’d see a container in front of them. They’d look at you hoping for some hope that you’ll help them. Sometimes, they’d sing to entertain the public. Sometimes, they don’t. But most of the time, you see them being healthy and pretty fine. But on the inside, they are helpless.

In harsh words, people call them beggars. Their presence is undeniably known to public, but again people is kind and people is bad. Bad people diss their presence, thinking that they’d be cash kings by being beggars. But tell me, do they? Kind people often do not judge, they just go and help. At times, they go home with enough money that can buy them meals for a week. And at times, they go home empty-handed.

On the corridor of the walkway leading from TBS commuter station to the LRT station, I’ve always seen this pakcik. He seems pretty old, maybe around 50-60-ish and I always see him at that exact spot. That spot where he would lay down a huge cardboard and prepared a container in front of him. Often, he would read the newspaper and surprisingly, he doesn’t make much eye contact with people walking past him. It’s like he’s there to spend his pastime. But, he definitely looks kind and he sort of reminds me to the typical Malay pakciks in Malaysia.

Everytime I see him, I’d feel angry, sad, disappointed with his family. Especially his children.

“Why is he here? Where is his children? What are they doing with their lives that their own father is sitting here doing things that he shouldn’t be doing at his age?” 

It hits me pretty hard that his life might be so difficult and challenging that he’d think that “it’s ok i’ll just go sit somewhere and wait for people’s help….if this is the only way, I’m ok..”


Life is quite a struggle nowadays. There are soooo many people suffering to earn decent money and it frustrates me to see them not getting enough help. Idk man. On another note, Instagram is pretty much a fool because reality isn’t like that. And that’s why I come up with this post. I want everybody reading this to be really grateful of your life because there are many others having it worse. But we don’t see it because our environment might be so different than theirs. Some of them do not even know Instagram, what more have the privilege to study abroad, or even go travel. They need our help, be it money, education or even our prayers. So, let’s lend our hands to them because after all, the rich exists to help the poor ones.


Btw, happy new year 2018 to those celebrating!!!! Or to those who do not because they might just stay at home, chilling. Like me, hehe.



p/s: bye 2017. Lots of hard work huh this year? *pats on my back*



busy december busy

In the past, you would not find me saying “sorry, I’m quite busy nowadays…”  but nowadays, I find myself saying that A LOT. And I’m not even lying that I’m busy (even this post I didn’t even plan to write but somehow my heart tells me to). So yeah, here we go…

December has been sooooo busy and tiring because the semester is almost ending and there are still classes to attend, dental practicals to be done and pro exam preparations that are still waiting for me on the table, neatly wrapped in my notebook. I tell you, next week will be my ICA and still last week was loaded with classes and practicals. It’s freaking hard to steal some time to do other stuffs like writing or listening to music because I’m always on my tasks. If I’m not on the phone, I’d probably skimming through my notes or doing my assignment. I can’t deny that hey, at least I’m not wasting my time but it does take a toll on me and I wish I could just press the pause button and chill for a while. But, I couldn’t!!! Time is so precious man, especially at this hour.

Anyways, looking back at this week, I’m glad that I went back to my hometown to attend my family event. Helped a bit in the preparation and actually it was quite an escape from all those notes and books. It sort of takes me back to spending time with my big family and recharge for the important day. So readers, don’t forget to work hard and also take some rest. Take a short break from the laptops and the books sometimes. Recharge yourself with whatever that works for you – games, sports, movies, family time, etc. Your mind would thank you for that, seriously.


Depression is real, guys. Please take care of yourself and seek help :””(

rip jonghyun.


november 24.

Hi readers, how are you doing? Hopefully everything has been great for all of you.

It’s already end of November and 2018 is just 5 weeks away from us. Dang! Time really flies quick, isn’t it? Can’t wait for January tho ;))



My life, generally, has been quite overwhelming, I guess. I’d sound so ungrateful to complain about petty stuffs that happened as time passes by since Allah has given me so many blessings. This year, there were lots of unforgettable moments where I got plenty of gifts from Him, either spiritually or materialistically. As simple as those blessings seem to be, they mean so much to me that they always remind me that He for sure will lend a hand. He always will.

But now, I certainly could feel that my life is now feels so plateau-ish. It is like slipping into slumps. At this moment I’m writing now, my soul felt uneasy; my day went by so quick that suddenly it’s already 10 pm; and there was no drive to do what I was supposed to do. I listened to music as much as I could do but still the feeling lingers around. I was on the phone most of the time trying to drift the thoughts away from my attention. But it still stood there. Not moving a single inch. It seemed to know that I love turning away from problems.

I knew I could not run away. I had to face it. Be more courageous.

I think many of you had been in this situation, hadn’t you? I often ask myself what could be the reason of this. Could it be the daily caffeine intake? Should I reduce it then? Could be it the fact that I’m on my menses now, hence not being able to pray? Could it be the pressure to prepare myself for the exam?

Or is it just me? Well, finger-pointing at those factors mentioned above does sound useless, don’t they? Sorry, life. I’ll humbly take the blame *slowly points the finger at myself*

My 20 year old back then would hit me in the face for lacking motivation. She’d say you better wake up lah Safiani! Stop expecting that life would bring glory to your doorsteps so easily!

And at times like this, I realized that it’s my call to find some help. I really really love listening to inspiring talks/videos on the internet because for me, that’s the most empowering tool I can easily access. I don’t need to spend much on books when I could get the same message for free on the web. I sorta need something/someone to knock my head hard to get me out of the mess I’m in.


Or maybe all I need right now is a good cold shower. Perhaps that’ll untie all this self-made knots in my head. Hopefully.

I’ll just leave you with this video. Precious message.


To a better life, each day, if not each month, if not each year.