rushes and pauses

It was 6:52 in the evening. The train station was a tad full of the passengers, but not as how it used to be in the past, before the pandemic hits. The train from KL just arrived at the platform, and all passengers were rushing to tap out and head home as fast as possible. … More rushes and pauses


Growing up in a big family, I am always not alone. My life is pretty much surrounded by my five sisters, besides my parents. Not to mention, when two of my sisters got married, I got myself another two elder brothers in the family. And now, having two nephews, the house is often hectic but … More friendship

back from hiatus

I miss writing. August was a hell of a month. Also, I found a quote that I really love… Every problem comes with a gift of knowledge….. reddit This definitely changed my perspective on problems. And I hope it would change yours as well 🙂 Take care.

Always Missing You.

  7 April 2020 – the day that was fated to be as it is. The day that Allah called you forever. The day that has been written in the sky, only known to the Creator. The day of your passing, my beloved grandmother.   I never thought that this day would come quick. They … More Always Missing You.

For My Grandparents

    my grandparents, year 2016. As I’m writing, today marks the last day of March. This month will forever be remembered as one of the most difficult times my family have ever had. It was the time when our family relationship got tested, emotionally and mentally.  Here’s the story. My grandmother got badly sick. … More For My Grandparents

tough times ahead

2020 has been a very challenging year to all of us. From January, we’ve seen shocking deaths, natural disasters and right now, the world is witnessing the deadly virus – the Coronavirus. As I’m typing, currently we Malaysians are on the second day of our Restriction Movement Order, which is a semi-lockdown for 2 weeks. … More tough times ahead